After sunset looking down at the clouds

I’ve never found camping to be a very restful experience. Oh yes, I can be extremely exhausted and then crash in a sleeping bag and tent. But that’s more out of necessity than the normal day-to-day rest that we all get from regular sleep. There’s also the fact that there’s not a whole lot to do once the sun goes down, campfires are prohibeted. Sigh! Turning in about 7:30p was going to be the norm for the duration of this trek.

My doctor prescribed a drug called Diamox, which helps combat the effects of high altitude. I’ve taken it before with varying results. I did experience the side effects of tingling in places like fingers, arms, and cheeks. That drove me crazy. But, I did succeed in making to the top of each of my climbs before, so I can hardly complain about that.

The major side effect of the drug, however, is the fact that the drug is a huge diuretic, meaning I was going to have to make several trips to the outhouse, even during the night. I must say, this entire process is cumbersome because I have to put on shoes, climb out of the tent (in the freezing cold), run to the outhouse, and then do everything in reverse. Only exhaustion could put me back to sleep. The first night on DiamoxI had to go four times!

Not the most respectful way to store a habit for the night


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