I’ve been working on the Internet since its inception, back when none of us had any idea that it would take off the way it has (and imploded several times). There are always difficulties with managing load. I remember a client of my company that was an online retailer back before Amazon had gobbled up that space. Cloud computing wasn’t quite yet on the horizon and companies were dealing with in-house server solutions.

Anyway, if you’ve had trouble clicking on the DONATE button, you might run into some difficulties. I recognize that there have been some problems. GiveSendGo is a small operation because it caters to Christian charities. You’d think that with our country’s Christian roots that it would not be in the minority status. Alas, that was decades ago. These days, Christian sites have just a minute slice of the whole Internet pie.

For those of you that are following international politics, you only need to look north to see that trouble has been brewing for a long time. A convoy of trucks started on the West Coast of Canada (Prince Rupert and Vancouver) heading toward the capital of Ottawa. Actually, last Sunday they arrived—and what a ruckus they’ve made. They’ve been raising funds via the Internet all this time via GoFundMe, which just a couple of days ago pulled the rug out from under them. Looking for alternatives, I know that one of their backups is GiveSendGo.

It appears to me thatGiveSendGo wasn’t equipped to deal with the onslaught of new donations. Whether it can’t deal with the sheer number of requests from the outside, or it cannot process the payments on the inside, regardless, you might see something like this message below:

Error message that people are seeing when trying to donate.

If you happen to get this message, please don’t give up. As I type this it appears that GiveSendGo has done some work to fix the problem. God bless you for your generosity and your patience.


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