On the feast day of St. John of Matha, I celebrated the first Mass with my trekking group. Just a few people attended because most were trying to shake jet-lag and had already retired for the evening (I really should have done the same). But the stalwarts insisted. And, I who was I to deny them the sacraments when that’s precisely the reason why I’m even on this trip?

Dolores Meehan and I pose next to a fully equipped portable altar

This morning we did an equipment check and I had to speak to the expedition leader, Johnny, to show him all the required pieces that I’d need for celebrating Mass. The checks are conventionally necessary so that we are prepared for the various different weather possibilities. After all, once on the mountain we cannot easily acquire items left behind, either accidentally or on purpose. My needs, however, were a little unconventional. And the park has strict maximum weight limits to protect the porters. Johnny was confident that he and his crew could take care of everything. While I trust his judgment, we can never outthink all the possibilities. I hope that we can do everything possible with no difficulties.

Tomorrow morning is when we officially depart for the park’s northeastern entry point, the Londorossi Gate. While I could do that Mass in the morning, most of us will want that time to put the finishing touches on our packing. I, for certain, will be one of those crowd. So, tomorrow’s Mass will be at an actual campsite. I don’t know what the weather will bring. I don’t know how cold it will be. I only know that I’m bringing what is necessary to celebrate the sacred mysteries. If I have the ability, I will do it.

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Brenda Lee Allor · February 9, 2022 at 6:59 am

Praying for you and all on your trip.

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