At long last, the Dominican Student Brothers have received the donations from all those who supported my Kilimanjaro expedition and they wanted to send their heartfelt thanks to the benefactors. The Master of Students, Fr. Stephen Maria Lopez, OP sent me a card signed by most of the students. I’m including a copy of this card so that everyone can get a chance to see it.

While this was a great experience for me, I have to say I would not terribly excited about going to Kilimanjaro ever again. That said, I can never say never. I never thought I’d go a second time, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t really inclined to do so. But for the purposes of evangelization and ministry, and for bringing awareness to the financial needs of the student brothers, I’d surely do it again.

PS The funding page no longer accepts donations. I’ll be updating the blog to reflect this soon.


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