While I chose to primarily shoot photos on Mount Kilimanjaro, one of our trekkers, Yan, brought a GoPro with him. Yan does extensive trail running throughout the world, but particularly in the back yard Pyranees mountain range outside of Barcelona in Spain. He clearly was the most fit of all us trekkers on the mountain. As such, he had the energy and stamina to run ahead and take multiple video clips throughout our eight hiking days together.

Once home he took to editing, stitching and sewing many of those clips, filtering out redundant ones, and coming up with an inspiring 7+ minute video of the whole thing. While I love photography (not that I’m a photographer), there’s a certain dimension (time) that is lost in a still shot. Video captures personality and is obviously less posed.

Trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

During the entirety of the trek I captured our GPS coordinates with my watch. At the beginning of each day I started tracking and ended when we arrived at our campsite. Yan took to relive.cc, a website that takes all of these recordings and maps it onto 3D maps of the Earth in motion video, inserting photos along the way. In addition, at the top it shows relative elevation going from Londorossi the Gate all the way to the Mweka Gate. Enjoy!

The trek around the mountain and them up to the rim

Lastly, Yan recorded our final victory to Uhuru Peak, which is the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. We were all exhausted and you can tell by the pace in which we are walking. It was a sweet point for the team, but my highlight would not come until I set up my altar for the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Reaching Uhuru Peak


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