In any trek, planning is secondary to safety. Come to think of it, it’s also secondary to many things. But the current plan is to arrive at the Lemosho gate (on the west side of Kilimanjaro National Park) on the 9th of February. For the next six nights we we ascend a lonely route to the Shira plain and link with the Shira Route, traverse the southern flank of the mountain linking with the Machame Route, climb the great Barranco Wall, and then arrive at the ridge of Barafu where by this time most of the routes to the top converge. At 10 or 11p we will start our ascent of summit arriving before sunrise. God willing we will be able to celebrate Mass at the top (though the chances depend greatly on the weather).

In any case, we will observe the following liturgical schedule:

Feb 9 : Shira Camp 1 – St. Cyril of Alexandria

Feb 10 : Shira Camp 2 – St. Scholastica

Feb 11 : Moir Hut – The Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes

Feb 12 : Barranco Camp – Seven Founders of the Servite Order

Feb 13 : Karanga Camp – Septuagesima Sunday

Feb 14 : Barafu Hut – Bl. Jordan of Saxony, OP, Memory of St. Valentine

Feb 15 : Summit then Mweka Camp – Bl. Henry Suso, OP

Feb 16 : Off Mountain

As you can see, it’s a very full liturgical schedule. In the middle is the beginning of the Pre-Lenten period. Vestment colors change to violet and we bury the Alleluia until the Easter Vigil.

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