Blogging is time consuming yet can be an incredible evangelization tool

Twelve years ago my provincial asked me to spend my residency year (year of apostolic work during my education and formation) at our mission parish in Mexicali, Mexico. It’s a boarder city about two hours east of Tijuana right across from California. I didn’t really want to go, but I was willing to do so under obedience. This became the birth of my blog, CANTATEOP.ORG. It enabled me to keep in touch with friends and family without actually having the ability to talk with them in person. I ran it for a couple years even after I returned to my studies in Berkeley. But, after a while it became to burdensome to keep up while studying. Sigh!

I’ve wanted to restart it for years, but never got around to it. Learning how to be a priest, then running a parish has always taken priority. Yes, it’s a great platform for evangelization. But, these days video bloggers easily take the lion’s share of the Internet interest. Editing video is orders of magnitude more work. And frankly doing sacramental ministry is far more important.

For this trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro it’s not like I was able to make time appear out of nowhere. But, I was able to come up with a worthy purpose. Fundraising for the Dominican Student Brothers is always a pressing, even critical need. If we don’t take care of our seminarians (to use secular parlance), then we won’t have any Dominicans for the future. Please take the time to read this blog. My entries are not very long and they don’t come at an unwieldy pace. I’ll update it best as I am able.


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